There is no shortcut to getting promoted. It takes time and lots of hard work. This cheat sheet will help you find the shortest possible path you can take that will lead you to getting promoted. What if you are the boss and have the highest job position possible? Use this cheat sheet to identify talent that will move your business from point A to B.

1 Hack: Be a team player

team_playersSuccess is the sum total of everyone’s efforts. You may be the one who wrote the cool function in the ERP software but other people on the team helped test and find bugs in it. Made recommendations on how the users can enjoy working with the software etc. Even if you feel you contributed the lion’s share to the project, appreciate what others have contributed and they will want to work with you again. You will be that cool amazing person everybody loves to work with.

2 Hack: plan, organize and prioritize

steve_jobs_planning_quoteCome up with a list of at least five things that you should work on in a day. Here is how you can identify what is important. Take a leaf out of success people’s book. Let’s take the above quote from Steve Jobs “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”“If I were told my job depends on what I’m about to do now and I really need the job, would I do what am about to do?” Ask yourself similar questions to the above and come up with a to do list Rank the tasks you came up with in order of importance. As a general rule, tasks that involve outside clients should be ranked higher than those internally. This will make your clients happy and in turn they will recommend you and your company. Personally I like using stick notes and just post then on a place where I can easily see them. Avoid distractions such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Emails, Phone Calls etc. set time aside for such activities

3 Hack: Become a problem solver

Businesses exists to solve problems. That is what clients pay you for. Take time to understand the challenges that your clients face. You can talk to them or go to forums that discuss issues related to the challenges of your clients. Brainstorm with your team and see how best you can solve your clients’ problems. Look at what your competitors have done to fix similar problems. Look for weakness in the implementation of your competitors and come up with a better solution.

4 Hack: Develop excellent communication skills within and outside the organization

You have workmates, clients, suppliers, stakeholders. All of these groups are necessary to the success of the business. You need to find a way of communicate with all the groups efficiently. You can use technical jargon with your workmates and they will understand you. When talking to clients with different professions, use the layman’s language.

5 Hack: Expertise in your field

Never stop learning. Know as much as you can and keep yourself updated with the latest developments in your field. What was gold yesterday is silver today. Let’s take Visual Basic 6.0 as an example. In the early 2000s, it was one of those languages that could easily get you a job. Then came .NET, the job market seems to have shifted from VB 6.0 to VB.NET and C#. Apple now recommends Swift programming language in place of Objective C. for now you can still enjoy getting jobs and writing code in Objective C but this is not guaranteed for the future. Make sure you learn new skills and show your employers how you can use the new skills to the benefit of the organisation.

6 Hack: Go an extra mile when necessary

Let’s define what going an extra mile means. Let’s suppose you have been asked to write a report for your supervisor and he needs it like yesterday. He asked you to write it only. Going an extra mile would be printing the report and may be making the necessary copies that he needs to distribute. The goal should be to deliver beyond expectations.

7 Hack: Learn to write (reports, documents, specifications etc.)

When I first started working as a programmer, I loved coding and it worked. People used the software and that felt so good and I would get word of mouth thumbs up. Back at the office, management always demanded for reports. The client’s management too demanded for reports on what was done. It’s not something that I liked doing but with time I came to love it. I soon realized writing was actually important when it came to communicating ideas. The following is an except form an article by Joel Spolsky Advice for Computer Science College StudentsThe difference between a tolerable programmer and a great programmer is not how many programming languages they know, and it's not whether they prefer Python or Java. It's whether they can communicate their ideas. By persuading other people, they get leverage. By writing clear comments and technical specs, they let other programmers understand their code, which means other programmers can use and work with their code instead of rewriting it. Absent this, their code is worthless.”


Job-Promotion-6Rome was conquered in a day and patience is a virtue. Work on one hack at a time. You will soon start realizing the benefits. Even if it takes long to get promoted, you will be 3 times happier when you start applying these hacks. Keep up the spirit of sharing. Share this article to help a beloved one get that promotion