This article lists seven (7) steps that successful coders have employed in the past and are still valid for today’s coder. better_coder
  1. Code more. Code even more. Code even more than that. Code when you don’t want to. Code when you do. Code when you have to fix a problem. Code when you don’t. Code every day. Keep coding.
  2. Help other coders with their coding problems
  3. Re-code the already coded code
  4. Code for a coding contest i.e. top coder,
  5. Contribute code to an open source project
  6. Code design patterns… you know the theories behind design patterns right?
  7. Write tests for your code


Going the whole day coding without taking a break is one of the worst decisions a colder can make. Plan your time, code for three hours and take a 30 minutes nap. Go to the gym or joking etc… workout your algorithms on paper before doing the actual coding. Follow the above ritual over and over…