Android is basically a hand PC that everyone carries around everywhere they go. We use it to chat with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, view our files stored on Google drive, Dropbox, read your favorite news articles from applications such as CNN, BBC, and Al Jeezera. have you ever wondered how all this is made possible? The simple answer is Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). There are many implementations of APIs that include SOAP but REST is the most commonly used due to its light weight nature. You can read this article on reasons why you should develop REST APIs and how to do it.

3 Reasons Why Android Developers need to learn how to connect to REST APIs

  1. Develop professional Web site android apps – most developers simply use web views and load their websites URLs. How is this different from using the web browser on the phone? With an API, you can create a professional application such as the news app for CNN or Al Jeezera. You can use the REST API to pull data from the contents table and load them in a customized web view.
  2. Develop applications that encourage users to share data in real time - this could be an application about road traffic, night clubs that are packed with people so that users just check their app to see where to go etc.
  3. Make business data available from everywhere – it could be a human resource management system, users can for leave, loans or, update personal details from their android powered smart phones. The business opportunities are endless.
The diagram below shows how an android app can read and write data to a business database on a local area network.